What Some Have Become!

What a shame to see what some have become in this life. Many of these had an out-standing life but to their shame they went off into sin:

1. DAVID BECAME AN ADULTERER, 2 Samuel 11-12. When Nathan told David, “Thou art the man.” Think how bad David must have felt. This was not for some good that David did, but for the evil he did with Bathsheba and her husband. David could not undo this situation, but you can keep from getting into such sins. Keep yourself pure!

2. LOT BECAME A DRUNKARD, Gen. 19. Read the text and see what terrible things Lot did when he was drunk. How he would have loved to go back and not have done those things. The only way one can keep from doing foolish things while drinking is to determine not to drink.

3. ACHAN BECAME A THIEF, Joshua 6-7. Achan was like Eve in the beginning; he saw, he coveted and he took. We need to be careful what we allow ourselves to see, covet and take. Achan died for his theft. Hell is the ultimate end of those who steal.

Others turned to righteousness and to their glory they became something! These individuals once lived in sin but turned from sin to God and really became heroes of the faith.

1. ABRAHAM WAS OBEDIENT TO GOD, Genesis 22. God told him to offer his son Isaac and Abraham obeyed God. Would you not love to be in Abraham’s position today? In eternity the only way we can stand pleasing before God is if we have lived obedient to Him on earth.

2. JOB HELD ON TO HIS INTEGRITY, in the book of Job. All the difficulties of Job’s life did not turn him from seeking to please God. Too many are ready to drop righteousness for a handful of nothing, but not Job. He held on through it all. Will you? You will become something.

3. PAUL BECAME A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, 1 Cor. 11:1. Paul encourages us to follow Christ as he did. This should be our goal in life. It certainly was Paul’s and there has not been a man held in higher esteem than is Paul to this day. If you follow Christ, you shall be honored.

WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME? One can change! You can change from being evil to being good or you can change from being good to being bad. You have the power of your influence in your hands. You can help others to be good or bad, it all depends on what you are! You are going to amount to something. Is it going to be worthwhile or will the Lord say of you “it had been good for that man if he had not been born”, Matt.26:24? How much better if the Lord can say to you, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matt 25:21. Thank God for The Cross and His Word that can help us to become righteous.