Motivations to Repent

I know a man who repented and started serving the Lord when he began to become fearful of dying in a car wreck or in his sleep. He knew he was not in right standing with God, and that should he suddenly die, he was going to hell. That haunting thought eventually became a torment and contributed to him getting on the right path. How about you, are you afraid of dying? Car wrecks happen at any moment. Where are you going if it should happen to you?

I know a man who repented and began to serve the Lord when he observed, while visiting with a fellow about his age, and from a similar background as his, the kind of life he ought to be living. It was like a mirror was held up to his life and it was disappointing to see the great difference in the two. It was a shame. How about you? Are there others you know about your age and circumstance who have got their act together spiritually? Can’t you see acted out before your very eyes the life you ought to be living? You can, you know.

I know a man who repented of his sinful life when he finally got fed up with living a two faced life. He put on airs of living right to some, but was doing all sorts of ungodly things with others, often on the same day. This hypocritical type life got tiresome and weary, and he longed to be just one or the other, but not both. He would either serve the devil or the Lord, but no longer both. Thankfully he turned to the Lord. How about you? Tired of living one kind of life before some and another to others? That gets old doesn’t it? Why not choose to live a sincere life pleasing God? It will be so much more peaceful.

I know a man who repented because he finally realized what a dead-end life he was living. Though only in his early 20’s, he became aware of just how wasted was his daily life, with no real goals, hopes or accomplishments. And he began to feel like he must do something about it. So he did.

So here are four things that can motivate repentance...

1) A fear of dying, 2) A good example, 3) Two-faced living, and 4) A dead-end life. How about you? Any of this ring true with you?