What Kind of Church?

A woman called recently, indicating she and her husband had just moved to town and were looking for a church to identify with. She asked if we had an attended nursery for her two-year-old. When I told her we did not, she thanked me and hung up.

I have thought a lot about what that woman did not ask. She did not ask if we had spirited singing. She did not want to know whether we had simple, truthful preaching. She expressed no interest in whether we had faithful overseers to watch for her soul. She did not inquire about our Bible study program, nor did she seem anxious to see what opportunities for work in the Lord's cause might be available. Apparently these things were not nearly as important as someone to relieve her maternal responsibilities during the worship hour.

Another woman told me recently, "I don't like a church that tells me what to do. It's none of their business." I agree that churches have no right to make their own rules. However, we do have a God-given obligation to uphold the truth (1 Tim. 3:15) and expose sin and error (Eph.5:11). I confess that I do not know how to preach repentance without exposing sin and warning people to turn from it.

What kind of church do you like? What features are important to you? A dynamic speaker, special activities for the kids, recreational programs, physical facilities, location, family ties, and a host of other things have been given as reasons for choosing a particular church. Whatever your taste, there is likely a church to suit. However, you should be asking another question: What kind of church does God like? He does not like them all. Some are so disgusting He spits them out (read Revelation 2 and 3, and notice that the rejected ones include some that are conservative in belief).

The only assurance of God's approval anyone can have is what He says in His revealed word. Will you submit your will to God's and become a member of the church of His choice?